Soothing Seaweed Body Wraps Help Detox, Lose Inches And Much More

Published: 16th July 2009
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Seaweed body wraps are definitely on the hot list of things to do. Simply lay back and unwind while your body does all the work of detoxifying and soothing and tightening your skin at the same time. You can even lose inches too - all while you lay back and enjoy. This is really something everyone can benefit from.

This treatment is not complex. Fresh towels are immersed in a hot solution of seaweed and they are then wrapped around your body for up to an hour. All you need to do is just lie there and chill out while your body gets this magic treatment. The magic is in the seaweed which includes minerals, vitamins, trace elements, amino acids and sea salt. The seaweed body wraps generally contain bladderwrack or kelp. When the time is up, you need to shower off the excess solution. You skin feels smoother as the seaweed moisturizes your skin. Now your skin is moisturized with either a cream or lotion to continue the effect caused by the seaweed.

Benefits of the Seaweed Body Wrap:

You skin is exfoliated, leaving it smooth and tightened.

Great for cellulite, stretch marks, wrinkes and sagging skin.

Your skin retains moisture better.

You will have a natural glow to your skin.

The wraps can soothe sore muscles.

They are good for arthritis and joint pain.

Also helps with people who have water retention.

Blood circulation is stimulated, increasing blood flow.

Metabolism is increased.

Fat and inches are lost.

Toxins are expelled from the body.

The skin is the largest organ in the body. This is why wraps are great to get rid of excess toxins as they target a large part of your skin. You can assist this process by drinking lots of water after the wrap and during the next couple of days.

Make a point to enjoy these seaweed body wraps at least 4 times a month. These herbal treatments are offered at almost all spas. If you would like to do it yourself at home, you can buy a home pack.

Did you know that soothing, relaxing seaweed body wraps are a great way to detox and have many more benefits. For more resources visit

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